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Bobett Kelley

How many I-HOPS does a city need?


Thanks for the over development. To the City & County of Fort Wayne, Indiana:

What's happening with all the for lease property's available? Is Fort Wayne and the County over strecthed in approving development projects?

Dan Turkette

I love iHop, but I have to wonder why Sam Talarico and Tim Pape didn't talk them into building it downtown? All the retail is moving southwest and north, not downtown, (unless you call a Wendy's SE new development).

Go figure..

Jon Bartels

Liberty Diner > IHOP.

Buy local!

Paul Morrison

An IHOP Downtown? Not needed! We have Cindy's Diner, Powers, the National Cigar Store... any reviews on breakfast at Park Place? (I do miss the Palace)

Todd Eigenschink

When I drove by the first time after the sign was up, I called my wife and told her it was going to be an IHOP. Her response, "Is it going to be as scary as the one up north?"

I said, "Well, no, probably not. At least not right away."

I wonder if they'll be requiring ID?


Joni Lehman

Mitch is so right. I hate to see chains replacing locally owned restaurants. So sad to hear that The Palace is gone.

Still missing Fort Wayne!

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