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Brian Stouder

Well, one is tempted to make the easy joke that we're literally 'throwing money away' - but this thing made me curious, so I googled up this site


and learned that the 'payback' is that the cans don't require fume-spewing garbage trucks to come empty them as often, and therefore they are considered 'green'....which reminded me of Fort Wayne's 'green initiative' - and really, it sorta does make sense

Jon Bartels

I'm inclined to agree with Brian, but I hope that the city can prove it on a small scale before over-investing.

One improve might be to have them powered off of the grid instead of solar cells which are expensive to make. This is practical if the can is installed next to a streetlamp that has an access panel. From there its a matter of bolting it down, running a cable, and making sure the gaps are sealed.

Gary Schepp

It says it reduces collection by 4 times and saves money in its lifetime. But there isn't anything on projected savings.

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