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Bob Stackhouse

Despite its' "non-partisan" claim, Common Cause is a liberal organization that pushes an agenda allied with the Democratic Party. It is too bad you did not ask Mr. Hess about his own party affiliation, but we now know that this partisan action was initiated by Andy Downs, a Democrat.

If proof is needed show Common Cause's bias, we need only visit their website, www.commoncause.org, where we find an attack on Alberto Gonzales, who has committed no illegal act. We can also look at Common Cause's efforts to shut down state laws designed to stop voting fraud. Several states, including Indiana, require folks to provide sufficient ID before they vote so as to reduce the chances for fraudulent voting. Common Cause wants people to be able to vote without being asked for sufficient ID. That, my friends, is the Democratic Party's position nationally.

If the Democratic prosecutor from Whitley County agrees with the Election Board that no law has been broken, then Andrew Downs needs to resign from that board, since he is putting partisan politics ahead of public service.

if the special prosecutor's ruling determines that Democrats will be Democrats, regardless of county, or if this thing drags on throughout the election cycle, then the Democrats win by distracting and harrassing Matt Kelty from his campaign.

If this is an ethics investigation, the wrong side is being investigated.

Jeff Pruitt

Right, what a bunch of partisans. They only helped bring us the 26th amendment, Freedom of Information Act, Lobby Reform Act, Ethics in Govt Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

But hey, if the special prosecutor that the REPUBLICAN county prosecutor chose finds reason to pursue the case it's still the Democrats' fault right? Even though the Republican party initiated this entire fiasco it's still the Democrats' fault?

Patrick McAlister

"...but we now know that this partisan action was initiated by Andy Downs, a Democrat."

Mr. Stackhouse conveniently omitted that Mr. Downs resigned as a board member when he learned that Common Cause filed the complaint, trying to preclude the kind of partisan stab that was behind the above quote. Endeavoring to paint this legal action as partisan politics is a paltry attempt at distracting the public from the issue at hand - Campaign finance transparency.

Campaign finance transparency is ESSENTIAL for understanding how a candidate will operate as an elected official. The public has an absolute right to know who has a financial stake in the election of a candidate. They should know those people who will have the candidate's ear. Kelty's clear lack of financial transparency should make the public unnerved about what type of mayor he could become. I desire and require an honest person operating my city's government.

Jon Myers

In the interest of transparency, I think Common Cause should disclose the names of the "members" that asked them to file the complaint. If we are going to open a criminal investigation over this, it seems to me that the complaint should be filed by a "natural human being."

Greg Couture

Yes, Al Gore...oops I mean Andrew Downs. Your pathetic attempt failed at trying to defame a Republican Candidate. Face it, your afraid that a Repubilcan greeny may become the next Mayor of Fort Wayne. The only way for you to prevent it is...to slam the Candidate. It appears it is just business as usual with the Democratic Party. They are kinda like the kid who has to cheat at a Soccer game because he can't take losing. Kinda like a cry baby. Maybe you all are losers to begin with. Could it be that the Demys are losing credibility and lack integrity, so the best fight they can give is to try to discredit their opponent instead of playing a fairly?
I think it is you and the Demys who lack integrity, so your best defense is a strong offense, so to speak.
Maybe the Democratic Party should be given a handicap of sorts.
Ya, it could start with non-partisan group like Common Cause. Ya, we'll call it a non--partisan group, but it will really be made up of all Democratic Liberals. We will work behind the scenes like a bunch of white collar criminals. But it will appear to the mind numb public that we are a watch dog for society.

It has become a laugh out loud comedy with you folks. I cannot understand why you want to resign Common Cause if you have committed no wrong doing. Maybe you are just trying to save some face. Or maybe there should be an investigation into the Common Cause Group.

Well it is clear your agenda is politically motivated. Why doesn't Common Cause have to reveal its contributors? The answer is obvious, it is because they do not want to be TRANSPARENT. This obvious to me, along many others.

I think your attempts are only making it easier for folks to see that Matt Kelty has the integrity that you so lack. I think the only can of worms you are opening is of yourself and of the weakness of the Liberal Democrats.

Anthony Juliano

This is insane. Common Cause is biased because they criticize Alberto Gonzales? THAT'S your smoking gun?

Quoting, here, from http://www.observer-reporter.com/OR/Story/06_12_GONZALES_NO_CONFIDENCE:

Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., ranking member of the Senate panel conducting an investigation into the dismissals of the federal prosecutors, said the attorney general has lost the support of most Republican senators.

"My own sense is that there is no confidence in the attorney general on this side of the aisle, but that the views will not be expressed in this format," said Specter.

As for Dan Sigler, read this story before questioning his ethics/motivations:


Or better yet, take 10 minutes and talk to Sigler--that is, if you're willing to take the chance that everything isn't the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy you make it out to be.

P.S. The tone of this argument is pretty much summed up by the wacky attempt to tarnish Andy Downs by comparing him to Al Gore. Now there's some "laugh out comedy" for ya. What's next? Knock-knock jokes?

Daniel Gerber

i think it's very interesting Mr. Hess says, "I'm not saying 100% affirmative it was a crime but it ought to be investigated." And that after the INVESTIGATION by the election board. I can assure you it was thorough too. Mr. Downs made sure of that. If you question it, just ask to see a copy of his power point presentation.

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