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Robert Enders

Its a free country. If some guy in a clown wig and high heels denounces me as the Great Satan, he has a First Amendment right to do so. But if he endorses me for office, well, that's when things get awkward.

Greg Siler

I just want to state that Tom Henry has nothing to do with this site and never did. We apologize to Tom Henry about any misinformation that has been given to anyone linking him to the site. We are simply against Matt Kelty. This site was made and paid by the voters, for the voters not siding any campaign. This site was developed after Kelty won in May and we felt it was time for the people to know who they voted for. We the people hired Greg Siler to develop this web site, and is not responsible for any of the views the site shares. This site is to share views and options about Matt Kelty. This is our right as voters to have this web site and to express our views. This is a open forum to be used Anonymously, so people are not judged for what they believe in, our freedom of speech. The people will speak out about this subject, whether the Kelty campaign likes it or not. This site is to inform and educate the public about Matt Kelty and the issues he is running on. Please submit any views about Kelty on our blogs link.
Thank You, Stopkelty.com

just a side note - i was given this information to post by the people who hired me to do this website... i am just a contractor - a person who got paid to do it... i have no political views or opinions... there have been several personal attacks against me because of this... that's fine with me - freedom of speech should be honored for everyone, remember? as far as ceasing and desisting, change the 1st Amendment and i will follow the law... until then, i am keeping it up - because it's my right as an american citizen to PROVIDE this forum for the people who wanted it...

Greg Siler

Daniel Gerber

I think we should let this website continue. People have a right to freedom of speech, and if they want to exercise it that way they can. To me the shallowness of the website is revolting, and their ignorance is invincible.

Zach Bonahoom

"This is a open forum to be used Anonymously, so people are not judged for what they believe in..."

This is what the main page at this stop kelty.com says. (But I am fairly confident that this same comment will not get approved by stopkelty.com so I am trying to post here, so much for the freedom of speech nuts over there.)

My question is, if they feel that strongly about their beliefs why would they encourage Anonymous posting? Perhaps they are ashamed or embarrassed about their view?
The point is, if you are willing to drag someone else’s name through the mud (Matt Kelty) then you ought to at least have the class/courage to write your own name instead of cowardly hiding behind the word “Anonymous”.

On another note, it has already been proven nationally that these hate campaigns don’t work. Moveon.com has successfully lost the election for the presidential candidate(s) they support. If they worked, John Kerry, and AL Gore would be in office.

to Stopkelty.com: Please re-think your childish and cowardice campaign.

Craig Eckert

Tom Henry said, "I will be informing those responsible for the site to cease and desist. I am not going to run that sort of campaign and I don't want such sites to appear to be somehow associated with us. We will be returning any donations that we believe to have come from the website."

Does Tom Henry believe the world revolves around him? And why is he throwing the words "cease and desist" around. Sounds like some sort of threat. Is this the way he would be if he was in office?

And I think it is very interesting that the first thing that pops into Mr. Henry's head was to come after them like a bulldog and not to be a proponent of the people's right to express themselves.

And really, Zach, Your post was childish and cowardly. Maybe anonymous postings are due to that fact that radical political activists that believe they can bully people would likely take some sort of revenge, like making threatening phone calls, putting poop on the front steps, lowering the grades of their children, etc.

So come on, Zach. If you don't think about what you write, don't post.

Zach Bonahoom

Craig, are you claiming that stopkelty.com is not a radical website?

Everett White

I laugh often at how people throw around the "freedom of speech" clause without regard to it's actual meaning. Doesn't anyone actually READ the founding documents of the United States anymore?

The First Amendment states, "CONGRESS shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press..."

If Tom Henry doesn't want want a particular person or group to publicly invoke his name, there is now law against him asking them to stop doing so. The freedom of speech clause restrains the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT from infringing upon one's right to express their opinion...that's about all it does.

I can think of few other laws that are as plainly and simply written yet are so grossly misunderstood by such a large percentage of our culture.

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