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Katherine Coble

I like numbers two and three the best.

Number one suffers a bit much from a too-(shall we say)Freudian approach.

Dave White

They're all better than the ugly green things we've been subjected to for this time around. Indiana is going to drop the 1 Adams, 2 Allen, 3 Bartholomew method of plate numbering, I see.

I've been buying plates that honor my childrens' alma maters now for several years so I don't care, either of those plates are better looking than the standard plate (U of I and Anderson).

Robert Bishop

I bet the state does not change the plate this time after the vote. Hopefully that was a lesson learned. BTW, all the designs are uninspired IMHO. Can we vote for none of the above?

Rob Bishop

EDITOR'S NOTE: State law requires that license plates are replaced every five years.

Alex Jokay

I say number two -- as long as they don't crap it up with a URL across the bottom or a cruciform figure in place of the torch after the votes are all in.

Mark Grady

I'm surprised at how popular the dark blue IGWT plates are. When I first saw them, I thought they were new Michigan plates.

I'll miss the county pre-fixes. I learned all of the Indiana counties as a kid, and still have most of them memorized.

Where I live, we can tell when it's summer by the influx of 18, 49, 29 and 97 plates. Gotta' love those summer lake visitors!

Ronald Buskirk

Mark and all:
Even on the specialty plates and IGWT the number in the lower right corner is the county of residence of the registered owner. So, just look a little closer and you can still identify those from out of your county visiting the lake country.

Dave White

Ron, there's four specialty plates at my house and I see no number in the lower right corner and no number or wording at all indicating county of residence.

Ronald Buskirk

Thanks, Dave...
My experience is recent...
Specialty plates and the IGWT issued in 2007 carry the numerical id on the lower right corner of the plate.

I was surprised when the application was made to my plates in February at Pine Valley and I asked about it.

So, since we have learned the numerical identifiers for each of the counties, we can know from where the occupants may hail...

Dave White

Yes, since the recent comments here, I've been paying more attention to specialty plates and see the county numeral in the lower right corner. It must have started this year, I hadn't noticed it until these exchanges brought it to my attention.

I assume I'll be getting something extra to put on our plates in October.

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