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Mike Sylvester

Please tell me where that billboard is.

Mike Sylvester

Dan Turkette

Oh my. Hat's off to Scott's!

Alex Jokay

Funny! It sure beats the hell out of Scott's other billboard, "Valet Park Your Taste Buds."

(However, like most Fort Wayne billboards, it breaks Leo Burnett's six-word rule, which holds that if a message on a billboard can't be communicated in six words or fewer, drivers at highway speeds won't bother to read it.)

Eric Fetcho

I think this is the one on W. Jefferson, just west of Swinney Park. I drive past that one numerous times a day.

Janell Dishong


There is one at the corner of Maplecrest and St. Joe Center.

Wendi Plumb

I believe this is at St Joe and Maplecrest!

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