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Stan Matuska

Very interesting, but I doubt someone so young will ever be elected as Mayor or Fort Wayne. I'll be watching to see how this turns out.

Katrina Willer

I went to the same high school and graduated in the same year as Ivan. Whether or not he is elected as mayor, I believe that his running for the position is going to open the eyes and minds of voters, especially those in our age group. I applaud his efforts and wish him the best of luck!

Kevin Joiner

I do not personally know Ivan. However, I know his father, Steven Belcher quite well. After listening to Ivan's remarks, I am quite sure he will accomplish all of the goals he has set out to accomplish. As a Caucasian person, and a conservative republican, I am aware that racism has existed and continues to exist in some forms in our modern society. However, the Democratic Party, in my opinion has exploited this among people of color, with the politics of fear and uncertainty. It is a pleasure knowing that Ivan, like his father, has chosen to rise above what people may say, and choose to believe in the American Dream as articulated by the conservative values of hard work, determination, and a true love of all people, regardless of race. Go get them Ivan!

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