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Jason Blosser

My father, a life-long heavy equipment operator, is the person who "discovered" the lock while digging along US 24 and what is now I-469.

He always tells me that when he hit timber, it didn't budge, and he knew it had to be a find of some importance.

Anyway...for what it's worth...take the trip to Indy and see the reconstructed lock at the Indiana State Museum.

Scott Greider

Great post!

Mitch Harper

Thanks, Jason.

Thanks to you, another bit of the history tale is told.

Cathy Dee

Jason is right. The new Indiana State Museum is wonderful, and the lock exhibit is fascinating--both in that there are remnants of an actual lock to look at, but also how the locks worked along the entire canal. Not all of the lock is on display--I suppose it would be cost-prohibitive to do so.

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