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Everett White

Not that I wouldn't enforce the law...it is what I'm sworn to do!

Josh Osbun

Considering all of this anti-smoking legislation is (supposedly) based upon health issues, will Maine be fining parents for feeding unhealthy food to anyone under the age of 18?

Tim Zank

Josh, I promise you, it's only a matter of time. We're becoming Seinfeld's Bizzarro World.

EXAMPLE: It's unconstitutional and unforgiveable to intercept phone call patterns coming from Iran, Syria, or Iraq into the U.S. no matter the "greater good" is undoubtedly stopping a terrorist attack.

BUT....It's perfectably acceptable to outlaw the use of a perfectly legal product in a private building you must PAY to even enter so as to spare voluntary patrons the inconvenience of a smokey pillowcase.

Don't fear the Feds boys and girls, look out for your local councilman! He's the one who is going change your life.

Craig Eckert

The Society of Selfish People, better known as the "I-know-better-than-you gang", has designated two new targets, now that smoking almost a crime. The new targets are Fat People and Cell Phone Users, please watch for the newsletter concerning the two new targets and useful propaganda.

Just missing the list of targets: Semi Trucks. Organizers are hopeful that Semi Trucks will make the next list.

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