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Charlotte A. Weybright

I am always perplexed by Mark Souder's power or lack of power. For instance, when the VA issue was in the forefront, he made sure to step up and take credit for any favorable outcomes and often said it was his efforts (power) that changed the minds of the powers-that-be. Yet when it came to the infamous calls, he claimed he had no power over the RNCC. I notice that the wording was no "direct" power. Does that by implication mean he had some sort of indirect power?

Just a thought.

Tim Zank

Charlotte, while I am by no means a big fan of Souder, the difference is having power with-in committee's of other elected officials versus with in the rncc, which has nothing to do with government or legislative operations but rather with fundraising and getting candidates elected.

Like I said, I'm no huge fan, but he's been there long enough to at least get things into committee. That's one of the problems with the way the structure is set up, you can't get much done until you've become an "entrenched" equal opportunity appeaser....That takes years!

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