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Julie Robinson

Hmmm...me thinks they used stock footage for parts of this commercial. Around here Amish don't drive covered buggies. Nice Mellencamp wannabe, but it does make me think more of Chevy trucks.

Andrew Kaduk

I heard this on the radio starting last week (maybe the week before)...how awful. And now they've mixed in all of the INC faces and some canned footage with the song? Ok then.

No, I'll stick to getting my news from the blogs and my weekend JG subscription.


Dan Turkette

Right on the money Julie, Mellencamp was the very first thing that came to mind. As far as covered buggies go, you can see plenty up around Shipshewana.

To answer FWOb's qustion. No, it won't get me to watch.

Andrew Jarosh

Talk about white bread. Almost two minutes, and only two minorities - a black auto worker (seen twice) and a black window washer.
In a community where minorities make up a significant percentage of the population, that's embarrassing.

Patrick McAlister

It exemplifies what can be wrong with local news. It seems fluffified (if that is in fact a word), highlighting a significant flaw in local TV news - their lack of hard news. Video shots of nostalgia, a fake Mellencamp and anchors at home with families wont win new viewership. I know I get more news (after sifting through some editorial commentary) from local blogs and the Fortwayne.com website than watching local news.

News needs to be probing, searching for the truth and exposing injustice. Sure, there is room for the fluff but it has to be at least balanced with hard news. I feel that TV news lacks that balance.

Plus I hate really really dumb jingles.

Joh Padgett

While I appreciate the fact they threw some work to an Indiana musician, I noticed they conspicuously didn't even credit the poor soul they got to write the jingle in the MTV style tag at the beginning of the "video". Instead of using the musician's name they gave Indiana News Center as the name of the "band" that "performed" the song.

So not only did their cornball attempt at tugging heartstrings by having an authentic "homegrown" feel to their promo by hiring local talent fail, to add insult to injury they didn't even give the Mellencamp wannabe credit for the song, forcing people to refer to the guy as the Mellencamp wannabe instead of Fred Jones or whatever the guy's name is. Least they could have done was put a name to the songwriter that wrote that dreck so we all can avoid his shows!

Zachary McConnell

The music for this promo was produced by 615 Music in Nashville, TN (which also composes the music for their newscasts). Their website is www.615music.com, which has the promo under "Custom Services".

But I still prefer WANE anyway...

John Corbin

It's another sad (wait, SAD,) attempt by I.N.C. to make you think they're trying harder to bring better, fresh news to you. You want fresh news in Fort Wayne??? Watch CNN and then go look out your window. Or listen to a police scanner.

This "better news" war between I.N.C. and WANE is sloppy. Same stuff, all the time. Impress me with IMPORTANT news, ya hacks. (Trust me, they think they are.)

Eric Fetcho

We don't even know if this was in fact a local "artist", one can only assume. I can also assume that they wanted to get the real Mellencamp, being an Indiana native, they probably thought they had a chance to get him to do the promo.

And to Mr. McAlister, I agree, also "fluffified" isn't a word, but is a word that I use, and was surprised to see someone else using it.

Eric Fetcho

wait... so now that we know the audio wasnt even created locally, does this mean that INC handed off a bunch of their own stock footage to these guys and told them to make the video? Most likely.

Scott Greider

Wow! You guys are merciless! But, then again, I like Mellencamp and am inclined toward jingly tunes. Also, not living in the Fort, I never watch INC. Maybe I'd think the same if I did.

Alex Jokay

Compared to the schlock value promos they've been doing for sweeps week this is actually pretty slick. Mad props for the Fort. They've hired out for some pretty decent stuff this time around compared to the usual.

Leo Morris

I believe you all are making a mistake by focusing so much on the TV station and ignoring the brilliant song writing. From the Dylanesque juxtaposition of "black" earth with "red, white and blue" to the Frost-like simplicity of lines like "Just like you," the lyrics veer between the universal and the particular in a way that makes us all confront our worst demons, realizing in the end that we can overcome them.

Who among us hasn't despaired after finally finding something to believe in, only to realize there was no place to hang our hat? A place to hid our wet galoshes maybe, and perhaps even a rack for our coats, but are we supposed to keep believing AND holding on to our hat all day long?

And who hasn't been driven to distraction by those who offer you their hand, then claim to be giving you the news "first, fast, straight and true," but won't even look you in the eye? Ever since I got back from the Army and my dad praised me for shaking his hand and looking him the eye at the same time, that has been my standard of judgment. And those who can do that AND chew gum will get my TV-news-watching loyalty every time.

It does a great disservice to the art to bring up the Mellencamp name. The song may sound like him, but only a Rod McKuen could come up with such emotional complexity.

Tim Zank

Leo, you're KILLIN' me!!!!

Priceless, just priceless...

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