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Kevin Knuth

While I cannot officially speak for Tom Hayhurst, I think you are interpreting this incorrectly.

Tom clearly said in his press conference this morning that he is keeping the option of running again open.

He also went on to mention that Souder has done two things that have disappointed him in the past few weeks- one of those: NOT coming out against the Bush Administration plan to give Social Security benefits to illegal immigrants- a "secret" deal cut in 2004 but just made public last week.

Sounds like a potential candidate to me!

Martin Green

In a television commercial in the last campaign, Congressman Souder made it absolutely clear that he opposed the Hayhurst plan to give Social Security to more than 12 million illegal immigrants. Congressman Souder opposes such a plan whether it comes from Tom Hayhurst or from President Bush. The Hayhurst plan would have given Social Security to even more illegal aliens than the Bush plan, but both amnesty plans would bankrupt an already underfunded system.

Kevin Knuth


I have scoured the news reports- no comment from Souder on this issue.

He is a SOLID supporter of George W. Bush. Right now, Souder is hanging his head in shame.

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