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Kyle Forti

Thank you, Mr. Harper, for your efforts in posting this.

I just wanted to make all those interested in attending aware of the fact that Mr. Peters is speaking first and Mr. Kelty will show closer to 7PM.

Dan Turkette

Mm.. this kind of reminds me of a pancake breakfast fund rasier for the town of Shadyside, OH when it flooded years ago. Jill Long and Rick Hawks were running for the 3rd house district at that time.

Both were invited to come and glad-hand. Rick showed up at 6:30 a.m. and met hundreds of people, Jill showed at 10:30 and everyone was basically gone. Are you going to go past 7 so Matt will actually have a chance to speak?

Kyle Forti

Yes, sir. The meeting ends at 7:30PM. Both Mr. Peters and Mr. Kelty will be speaking for close to 45 minutes.

Actually, the event was planned with the main intention of allowing the young people in our TARS group to meet the candidates, to get to know them better, and to show our support. That was all.

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