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tim zank

Gee Dennis, Thanks! Sorry to hear about your near miss, but did it ever occur to you that of the 231 million cell phone users in this country, some of us may not be as clumsy as you?

Could we please stop writing legislation for every perceived problem? I don't want my cops chasing cell phone users and cigarette smokers, I want them solving and preventing crime.

For heavens sake, it's time to remove the "R" after your name and replace it with a "D".

Alex Jokay

I hope he'll be evenhanded and include language barring ladies from applying nail polish, mascara and/or lipstick while steering SUVs with their knees at any speed over 50 mph.

Jason Blosser

Here we go again. Let's just legislate common sense and personal responsibility.

John Wonderly

Wish he'd have just decided to buy a hands-free device and left the rest of us alone.

Dave Sanders

News flash: there were still bad and careless drivers before cell phones, and there will still be bad and careless drivers after they are banned.

Lets go one step further, lets just ban cars! Take care of that nasty pollution problem, and we'll be forced to be a community with a real city center again. Now THAT is a real downtown plan!

Mike Sylvester

Why do these people think that they need to make a law for everything?

We REALLY need to vote for some new people to hold political office.

What is most frustrating to me as an "ex-Republican," is that the Republican Party USED to stand for smaller Government and less regulations...

That no longer is the case on issue after issue...

The local Smoking Ban was pushed through by Republicans. Tom Wyss loves passing laws requiring us to wear our seat belts, and the list goes on and on.

Mike Sylvester

Nancy Nall

This is the advantage of calling yourself a progressive. If you're caught changing your mind, you can say your thinking has progressed. Whereas Sen. Kruse is left with the same ol' GOP b.s.: Something bad happened to me, therefore there oughta be a law.

Oh, well. We can't win the war on drugs, but that's going to look like Gulf War I compared to the war on cell phones.

Barry Wiggins

Comparing bans on using cell phones while driving to the "War on Drugs"? As Ron Burgundy said in another context, "That sh!+ is dumb." It's a good bill, and it won't be any more difficult to enforce than the seat-belt law--and more justified than that law, too.

tim zank

Mr Wiggins, while I agree with your analysis of Ms. Nall's analogy, I do not believe this to be a good bill and I think it's timing is abominable as well. Right now there are scores of people out there like me, with barely one foot left in the republican party because of jack-ass spending, jack-ass legislation, and all around jack-ass behavior.
This nonsense has to stop, it's like we're all students in the big high school of Indiana and the guidance counselors have run amok.

Sheesh, enough already!

Dan Rorick

For those interested in doing a cost-benefit analysis:

According to The Indy Star, Dennis Kruse's annual salary as of 30 June 2006 is $42,868.40.


Russ Alberson

Instead of complaining on this board, citizens need to take immediate and decisive action when their representatives go awry. Visit Senator Kruse's website at http://www.in.gov/s14/ and send him an email about why this bill is wrong. Then contact every other senator that you are aware of, and make sure that they know you do not want this ludicrous bill passed.

Bobett Kelley

Mr. Alberson, your thoughts are pure and
common sense. It makes so much sense
that each district could bring together the constitients ideas and voice all throughout the state and speak to each and everyone of us. In other words, we as a state sould be united in our State voting options and unite in our community and get on target and make a Goal.

It seems the award-winning web-site works one-way.

The technology is there for the citizens of Indiana. We need these old farts and the neewbies that we pay to get it going on.

How do we get our IN State Reps, Senators, County, City Reps on to the same page?
That's my question.

Unfortunately, when you send an idea/request, or suggestion to the In.Gov they send out an auto response. As if, they appreciate the vote ...


I am writing in response to the updated sin tax on cigeretts if you want to shore up your tax base , why not raise alchol tax to 1.00 per beer and .50 on shots. we have more drinkers than smokers and alchol kills far more people every year than smoking that way all the holyer than thow group can join in all the fun and help Indiana thru these troubled times.

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