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Richard Dolsen Sr.

I have been a friend of Steve Shine's for many years. I pray that he and his family will work though this as many families do. Every family has to find inner strength and sometimes help from outside to deal with their own problems.
I would hope Steve's willingness to address this openly in the press will silence his critics. The attacks in the blog world have been over the top.

R.D. Sr.

Toni Derry

My heart bleeds for the Shine family, or any family who would have to face this kind of scrutiny. I lived through a horrible divorce that made the local newspapers, and had to deal with the whispers and the stares - and not be able to tell my side of the story, only the grotesque misprint of the newspaper told the story everyone chose to talk about and believe.

My prayers go to this family, and feel for them as they find out who their true friends are, and they will find them to be few and far between.

It is sad how we all seem to thrive on gossip and speculation

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