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Alex Jokay

It's imperative that Mr. Pence expand his vocabulary beyond the word "imperative." That actually creeped me out worse than the somber parts of the speech.

Doug Masson

I like Pence's response better than Souder's.

Jeff Pruitt

So ignoring a possible pedophile in your ranks in order to keep a single house seat is not grounds for resignation? What would it take then? Don't forget:

1)5 years ago Hastert's staff warned incoming pages about Foley

2)Both John Boehner and Tom Reynolds told Dennis Hastert about the Foley problem months ago

3)Hastert's staff was informed of the Foley emails a year ago

4)Kirk Fordham, Foley's former Chief of staff, says he warned Hastert's chief of staff about Foley's behavior three years ago

Pence is way off the mark on this and his (and the party's) complete adbication of responsibility is a big reason the party will lose the midterm election...

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