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Dan Carmody

Wait a second Mitch.

Obviously, there is a pattern here. Frats teach their members to lie. Recent Presidents have been fraternity brothers, therefore. . .

I think the brothers should help the journalists learn about spoofery by having a press conference to announce they are adding a suana and steam bath to their spa.

Doug Pritchett

The reaction from the newspaper is telling. "They lied to us". Imagine that, someone lied to a newspaper reporter. So what? Did the "jounalists in traning wheels" think to fact-check what the Frat boys said? Did the little darlings at the newspaper think to send a photog over to get picture? No, they were duped (rather well) and then whined about it. Can't wait until these babies leave the U and have to deal with the real world. No wonder newspapers are dying.

Alex Jokay

Three sources and you're good, eh? Must be IU j-grads covering the Republican congressional beat in Washington.

Doug Pritchett

With all due respect to Alex, 3 people at the Frat do not equal 3 independent sources. They were all in on the joke. The student journalists were lazy and paid the price. Then, as is the custom these days, they blamed someone else.

Scott Tibbs

What's really sad is that the IDS is STILL a better paper than the Bloomington Herald-Times.

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