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John G Wallace

It's a tragedy and a human loss but I tend to be a lot less sympathetic to motorcyclists who ride without helmets. Not sure that would have made a diference. I get angry everytime a biker roars past me at 90 mph and isn't wearing one. Every safety statistic shows thay make riding safer, and making riders use them discourages irresponsible motorcycle use. This guy wasn't wearing one. In my opinion anyone who chooses to ride a motorcycle without one isn't likely to be the kind of person who puts safety first. I'd prefer those people stay off two wheels.

John Wonderly

Well, lets don't leave it at that.Name names, who made this decision?A person or persons had to have made the decision.

Alex Jokay

A public that didn't want to pay taxes? Could that have had any influence here?

Mike Harvey

I take that exit back to my moms house. One thing I've noticed is that vehicles turning right on to the interstate don't always realize that they have a yield sign, and vehicles making that left turn don't always realize they have the right of way, and have to watch out for those right turners. I do consciously make a point to stop if there's an issue when making that right northbound onto 469 to lessen the confusion and momentary stress for someone making that left turn... because it's like they, almost innately, have to watch out for three lanes instead of two, and the lane that they shouldn't have to watch out for is usually blocked from vision by a semi at busy times...

Jason Blosser

469 north at I-69 is notorious for numerous accidents as well.

Steven Schindler, P.E.

There is not a single interchange in the entire state of Indiana which I would consider well-designed. Indiana has always done the cheapest design possible. Indiana's interstate/freeways system sucks. Interchange design in Michigan is vastly superior to Indiana's. I-469 was not even built to true interstate standards in the first place. Fort Wayne has the worst highway system compared to any other comparably sized metro area in the entire USA. INDOT sucks= always has, always will.

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