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Taste is all a personal thing. I do think it's too bad that the chick from Arkansas went on a rant. I guess VB can delete her from their catalog list, but my guess is that they'll be okay with that.

My sister-in-law in Omaha, who is a pretty fashionable dresser, is a huge VB fan which solves my problem of what to get her for Christmas. Guess she hasn't spent enough time in Arkansas....


I guess I am one of those unique individuals who really doesn't let anyone quote fashion to me. I have my very own individual style and I wear/carry/use what I like, not what the movie stars, magazines, etc. dictate to me. I like Vera Bradley products and have one large overnight bag that I use - but its not like I am one of the die-hard go for blood types to get what I want at the annual sale...


Now that's funny! And a good bit of heads-up reporting, too.

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