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Craig Ladwig

Mike Pence is that rarest of politician -- both politically savvy and economically well versed. So this isn't over yet. Indeed, the fact that the New York Times would try to drive a wedge between him and "conservatives" hints at the effectiveness of his initiative. That said, his proposal may be too complicated to score well under current Washington rules.


Ha. Mike Pence is that most common of politicians--a sell-out. He's sold his soul to the Global Capitalists who are decimating the American middle class. This traitor has the nerve to quote the Bible to defend his actions. Was Benedict Arnold so brazen?

Global Capital doesn't care about the American worker. Global Capital cares only about concentrating money & power--and the American middle class gets in the way of Global Capital's designs, demands wages that are "too high".

So Global Capital uses the tools of outsourcing formerly good-paying manufacturing jobs from the USA to the Third World, and under-cutting the pay rates of any remaining American jobs with a policy of unlimited immigration.

Unfortunately the Democratic Party, which used to care about America and Americans, was captured 30 or so years a go by multiculturalists who hate America and hate what our mainly white ancestors created here, and have since sought to subvert and destroy this country using the same tool of which Global Capital is so fond--immigration.

Mike Pence: Lackey of Global Capital and the Multiculturalists, Since 2006!

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