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Gary Welsh

But Mitch, that would have required someone to do some work. How do 2 newspapers survive in Fort Wayne anyway?


You forgot to point out that Zach was also the N-S' own Sterling Sentinel scholarship winner in 2000 and so, presumably, his name might ring a bell with someone. Never underestimate the toll that staff turnover takes on institutional memory.


I hope that neither Zach (to the extent he cares) nor anyone else (FWOb) take it personally....the News-Sentinel hasn't had any locally generated business content in months.

Ed. note: A thank you to Sue for her copy editing suggestion. The change has been incorporated in the post's text.


Zach worked with us as an intern one summer ... he wow'd us then and he continues to wow us now.

(My own take on Zach's latest newsbreaking accomplishment: http://ataylormadelife.com/blog/2006/08/elvis_zach.html)

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