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News Mom

While I am not defending the JG and their reporting of "timely" news events, this is probably as timely as real estate gets in the Auditors and Recorders offices of Allen County. It takes them months to get transactions verified and posted to their computers and available for public viewing. While it is a time-consuming and tedious task, it is further proof that these poor people in these offices work really hard and need more help. And no, I do not work their but have worked in the real estate title insurance business and have dealt with these offices for years.

Mitch Harper

Actually, the sales disclosure forms from which the listings are compiled are not processed through the County Recorder's Office.

The Indiana real estate sales disclosure forms are handled by the County Auditor, the Township Assessors and the County Assessor office. The County Assessor then puts the information in an electronic format and transmits it to the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance.

FWOb will soon have an additional post on this topic.

Scott Greider


An item in the NS "Local Briefs" today, 9/28, reminded me of your past criticisms of its delayed reporting of events. "Former North Side, NBA player indicted" was actually reported by the AP on 9/08.

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