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Looks like he based his sour opinion of Fort Wayne strictly on his experiences at the airport. I think many of us would come to the same conclusions, you have to remember that this isn't O' Hare or Indy and adjust accordingly. He probably would have had a worse opinion, had he had to pay for his own trip, which I imagine his company paid for.


AHA! So you're the reason I got toasted alive for my remarks about Ft. Wayne.

Actually it worked out well. I got to meet, via the Internet anyway, some nice folks who reminded me not to be a wise acre (which is what I was being with my "no redeeming qualities" remark) because when all is said and done, Ft. Wayne has nice people, comfortable places to stay and a clean, pleasant airport. Is there really anything else a traveler needs?

Yeah a cookie would have helped. I like the cookies but I just forgot about them.

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