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Craig Ladwig

Perhaps INDOT understands that the annexations were mere paper transactions, wealth transfers from Aboite to Fort Wayne in reward for previous political thefts. They certainly do not represent a movement of people, homes or cars, which is what the INDOT engineers are properly concerned about.


"the annexations were mere paper transactions, wealth transfers from Aboite to Fort Wayne."

Oh please. Aboite Township's population boom didn't come from nowhere. Its boom is directly tied to the economy of Fort Wayne. It could be more truly said that those of us in Aboite Township were freeloading on Fort Wayne prior to annexation. Aboite Township has long been part of Fort Wayne. Finally, political boundaries are reflecting that.

Paul Helmke wanted some version of Uni-gov for Allen County. When he realized that wasn't going to happen he started his aggressive annexation policy.

While I dislike most of Helmke's policies after his first term, you can't blame the guy for trying to find a different way to skin a cat.

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