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Mike Sylvester

There are times when I think our government is more interested in conducting fair elections in places like Iraq; rather then in Indiana.

It is hard to believe Indiana election law was changed last year so that the Libertarian Party has a new filing requirement that neither the Republicans nor Democrats have.

Why do you think no one informed The Libertarian Party about the new requirement?

It is a sad day in Indiana...

There is something each and every one of you can do to help ensure the law is not abused in this manner; vote for Mike Kole for Secretary of State.

Mike Sylvester
Fort Wayne Libertarian


Sounds like this should be an unconstitutional statute if you ask me.

I've been a Republican all my life, and I've already decided that I can't vote for the unopposed Lugar (who live in Sanibel Island, Florida) anymore. He's done nothing for the state of Indiana. We've had base closings, brain drain and almost no gov't dollars coming back to us. Where's our pork! How about helping us extend a US highway, like Uncle Sam did in Boston?(-sorry for the rant.)

And Now, I see that both the state DEMs and REPs have done this to discourage a free election. I for one will not promote this formation of an aristocracy.

The Republicans better get their act together or I may never vote Republican again. I would suggest the DEMs take a hard look at their party, as well.

The day that a third party candidate can't participate in the election is the day I start to fill my arsenal, because a revolution is coming.

viva democracy!

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