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Andrew Kaduk

Grrrrr....Jon Boscia.

What a wanker.

And I never even worked for the guy! I just worked as a contractor in LN buildings pulling data cables when I was 19. Of course, that's back when Ian Rolland was running the joint. Rolland always said he'd never move LHQ out of FTW...he held true to his word. However, his successor made it item of business #1.

I LIKED Rolland. He talked to us lowly contractor grunts and invited us for drinks, even when he had absolutely NO obligation to do anything of the sort. Boscia was always a dick, even when nobody was looking.



What made Ian Rolland so special -- and I say this as someone who has known him, although admittedly only as a child of one of his underlings -- is that he is a completely genuine soul. In fact, it was his underlings who had to teach him how to enjoy his money once he started raking it in because he's probably the most humble and least self-aggrandizing person you could ever hope to meet.

We talk about our brain drain around here, but I suspect most of those who leave might just as well. It's more than brains we need to keep in this community. It's those with brains and a heart. And that is Ian Rolland.

(And if I may add this two cents' worth, someone with brains and a heart is what we've been needing in Fort Wayne media for the last two decades or so, so thank you FWOb.)


Being from New Jersey, I get where he is coming from. It really is quite a different place...

People here are much nicer, polite, and less sophisticated as he mentioned.

Though most people around here don't understand the concept of a boardwalk.

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