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Mike Harvey

Illusions by Richard Bach describes hills east of Fort Wayne:

"...the holy land of Indiana, raised in the mystical hills east of Fort Wayne."


oh, it's fiction...

Mitch Harper

Having grown up east of Fort Wayne,and my father before me, my grandfather and great- grandfather before him, and then onto my great-great grandfather, William who bought some of the flattest ground in Allen County in the 1830's I can only say what I have said when I first Mr. Bach's passage years ago.

If there are hills east of Fort Wayne, they have to be plenty mystical.


Mitch, that is one nice picture. Did you take it?

Mitch Harper


A storm was coming in from the west at the time the photo was taken. The storm clouds blocked the light from the west so the light above filled the quarry.

Dave White

There are hills east of Fort Wayne. You get on Route 30 and keep going and keep going and then go a little more, way over there, you'll find them.

Mitch Harper

That's true.

Head out on US 30, go past the Ohio line, and one will get to see the first hills at, say, Mansfield OH.

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