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...the most important presidential speechwriter since Ted Sorenson...

Peggy Noonan is pouring herself a double highball, seasoning it with bitter, bitter tears.

Gary Welsh

"Mr. Gerson has been described as the most important presidential speechwriter since Ted Sorenson in the Kennedy White House."

Mitch--you're going to have to help me with this one. I can't think of one single memorable quote that came out of Bush's mouth since he's been president other than "Wanted, Dead or Alive" in reference to Osama Bin Laden--nothing original and still never acted upon. And wife Laura was none too happy about that quote.


When I was a 19 year old intern in Rep. Mark Souder's office in 2002, Mr. Gerson gave me and a few others a private tour of the White House. I was star struck. Mr. Gerson was a gracious tour guide, a role he played infrequently, though with a tremendous amount of knowledge and interesting stories about the President. I'll look forward to any Mike Gerson authored books that arrive at the bookstores in the next few years.

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