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Please post the name of the business owner so I can be sure not to use his services.


That'd be Tim Borne. Or Bourne. Not sure which. Interviewed there once when in the process of moving back to the Fort not so long ago. Larry Wardlaw introduced me to him. "Yeah, I know who his dad is," he replied, looking down at the floor and speaking in a tone so contemptuous I about shat my pants. So it's fair to say I wouldn't do biz with him either and it has nothing to do with his politics. It's all about attitude. I love my current boss even though he gives money to people and things that otherwise make my skin crawl. He's a nice, well-meaning archconservative and the nice, well-meaning part counts for everything. I second your sentiments. If Borne/Bourne represented the Dems I might damn well just turn Republican.

Borne's a good guy

Boy, talk about two people who don't know Tim Borne. First of Rob, he doesn't need your business. His agency is the biggest in the state and is one of the great success stories in Fort Wayne. He also gives generously back to this community. What is the problem. Are you against Mr. Daniels keeping business in the state. Or should he just farm it out of state like past politians have?

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