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I might be willing to consider only a very limited naturalization, for those who have absolute proof of residency *and* employment for more than 10 years. But that only *AFTER* the border with Mexico is sealed so as to slow to a trickle the continued invasion.

Congressman Souder, your constituents want the border secured and want most of the illegal aliens expelled. Remember who you represent: you represent Americans, NOT Mexicans and not the Chamber of Commerce.

Tim in Flyover Country

If we're going to 'forgive' illegals and let them become citizens, we're owed back income taxes etc. from them. Both Republicans and Democrats at a national level are looking at votes. They are not looking at what is right. I have no problem if someone wants to emigrate to this country legally. The more illegals we let in, the more they tax our already overburdened welfare and education systems.

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