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Having moved from another part of the nation I'd suggest something that some municipalities there have adopted. A no campaign sign ordinance. None on yeards (they made it part of the zoning code) and none in public right of ways, which leaves billboards as a paid option.
It got started after too many petty sign thefts, and a practice of placing a sign half an inch in front of an opponents sign. You would see a row of signs that got deeper everyday with a game of tit-for-tat.
The towns that went sign free look better, its fair to both sides or in a non-partisan race its fair to all. The politicans squakwed at first, and people sobbed about their freedom of speech but in the end the community benefits.
And the candidates can focus on getting their message out from mailers, letter writing, ads, and best of al ACTUALLY campaigning and pressing the flesh.
The old adage "signs don't vote," is very true. Having the most signs, the best sign locations, and the nicest looking signs does nothing in the end and says nothing about where a candidate really stands.


Yes... Is this the 21st century?...great thoughts...
I believe most thoughtful voters, vote based
on being informed about their choices.

I do believe there will be a day when voters can choose
to be better informed through the information technological age. No political figure can hide; better yet all representatives should be held accoutable with term limits. It's just a matter of time
when the (People) watch dogs will focus back at our socialist government and wave the flag of free enterprise. Our Constitutional Fathers were brilliant.


I totally agree with these comments. I decided againest using yard signs for my campigan. Signs are a thing of the past. I used bill boards, direct mail, and door to door. Signs just clutter. If the man accused of these "thefts" need defending I will defend him

Roger Wilson

Just wanted to confirm that there is an ordinance in New Haven that prohibts signs on public property and Private property unless permission is given... I guess we will enforce this law next year....

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