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LP Mike Sylvester

This race could be even more interesting if you consider the fact that Dr. Eric Schansberg is an Adjunct Scholar for The Indiana Policy Review Group...

The IPR has a large following among conservative Republicans and Libertarians...

Mike Sylvester

P.S. I bought Dr. Eric Schansberg's most recent book at The Convention...

Andrew Kaduk

IMHO, people should get used to seeing this. Big Government Republicans and Centrist Democrats are basically causing a nauseating blur along party lines. Voters will slowly but surely begin to look for "voices of reason" amidst the partisan hackery, political leveraging and the formation of what seems to be a one-party government. Libertarians are obviously in a good position to become the "second party" in our currently nose-diving system. Give 'em 20 years...or hopefully less.

Will be interesting to see how this works out. The Libertarians ran a candidate in 2004, but he raised little money and only secured a couple thousand votes.

Hill lost by less than one percentage point in 2004, that was with Mitch Daniels and George Bush on the ballot, both were very popular in Southern Indiana.

Dr. Schansberg looks like a strong candidate who will take some votes away from Mike Sodrel, but will it be enough to get Hill back to Washington?


So voters either vote for the Bible thumping Republican, or the Bible thumping Libertarian. What a choice!

Rex Bell

I'm not sure what Craig is basing his statement on, or what he considers "Bible thumping", but Dr. Schansberg is an intelligent, thinking Christian, and a Libertarian.
I'm not sure why that would offend him so.


Yeah, why should I be offended by a religion that states I'm damned to eternal pain and torture because I don't bow to their messiah?

Seems like a perfectly reasonable worldview.

Andrew Kaduk


If indeed the good Doctor is in fact a Libertarian, you have no worries of his religious orientation encroaching on his lawmaking. It's taboo to mix God and Policy in the world of Libertarianism.

I do, however, agree with the overall sentiment of your concern.

Rex Bell

Are you offended by all religions, or just Christianity? I know Libertarians that are Jewish, and some that are atheists, but I don't know of any that will try to force you to accept their beliefs. It all goes back to the zero aggression principle that Libertarians abide by.

Mitch Harper

Mr. Bell,

If you are interested in learning more about Craig's beliefs I suggest you peruse his weblog called Reverent & Free.

You can find it at: http://reverentandfree.blogspot.com/

-Mitch Harper

Rex Bell

Thanks Mr. Harper,
I'll check that out. Sometimes why people believe is as important as what they believe, and has a lot of bearing on whether you are having a discussion or an argument. I enjoy discussions with people I don't know. Arguments, not so much.

Craig Ladwig

There is an easy answer to all these questions about how Dr. Schansberg's Christianity might effect his public policies -- He has written an entire book about it, "A Thinking Christian's Guide to Public Policy, a review of which is available under the "Media Release" tab at www.inpolicy.org

Ed Gluck

From Craig's suggestion I found this:


It looks to me as if Professor Schansberg warns against the god of secularism and the god of morality. He indicates that voters are tricked into worshipping at the great Corporation at the expense of those the voters intend to help.

It appears Craig would rather follow his secular god (as his leader) than follow reason and intellect.

Craig is in the majority of god followers. We can call him a "decider" disciple.

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