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LP Mike Sylvester

Mitch Harper says in this post "persons from both parties can learn from his work."

Mitch, there really are more then two Political Parties in The United States!

The Libertarian Party even has full ballot access in Indiana.

Mike Sylvester

Current Libertarian, Ex Republican

Mitch Harper

Point well taken, Mike.

I should well know. Voter turnout would benefit from a wide range of choices on the ballot. I fought against the increase in the number of signatures needed for ballot access when I was in the General Assembly.

People interested in ballot access issues should check out Richard Winger's Ballot Access News at http://www.ballot-access.org/
Richard has been fighting the good fight for many years.


Does this mean I now have access to Mr. Ryan Nees' email and can flame him constantly. I suppose this also can be expanded to include social security numbers.

Oh. But wait, don't we have laws on the books that prevents private industry from giving out personal information?

This has huge ramifications. I guess I won't be giving the government any personal information.

Thanks, kid.

Good News: I have found one thing that the state legislature did right this past session. They revised the freedom of information act so that this can't happen again.

Mitch Harper

No, you do not get to have access to Mr. Nees' emails - he is not a public entity.

Mr. Nees was not seeking access to the email list for the purpose of using the email addresses; he was trying to discover whether the emails sent out by Kokomo Mayor for political purposes were derived from the public computer system.

Senator Drozda of Kokomo did indeed amend the law to prohibit disclosure by public entities. His bill as introduced also added a prohibition against the use of such emails for political purposes. The Indiana House actually removed that prohibition against political use. Wisely, the Senate adopted Senator Jeff Drozda's amendement to reinsert that provision; it survived to be included in the Enrolled Act.

It is my understanding from the newspaper articles that Mr. Nees supported the Drozda legislation as introduced.

LP Mike Sylvester

Mitch Harper is certainly one of the FEW politicians who opposed increasing the number of signatures needed for ballot access when he was in The General Assembly.

Mitch Harper definately took a principled stand and stook almost by himself...

I was just having fun with you; but, you know that partner!

Mike Sylvester

Zach Klein

Ryan's commitment for defending rights wasn't enough to keep him from imitating a copyrighted logo I designed.

See his Young Dems logo:

And then mine for Busted Tees:

No harm, no foul. Only wanted to note the irony.

Andrew Kaduk

I'm afraid I just don't see the "irony" in question...but I'm dumber than your average "monkey w/typewriter."

Is there a similarity I'm missing?


Actually I didn't imitate that logo. We took suggestions from the entire group and I went from there. There were several other logos I created from those suggestions as well. I posted them for your benefit here:


It's possible, likely I would say, that whoever suggested the idea (I no longer recall) got it from your website, but I did not.

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