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Andrew Kaduk

Now THAT post was worth the wait (wondered if you fell asleep at the keyboard today LOL).

Heh heh, you had a legislative assistant named John Holmes. Heh heh. Sweet.

Actually at that time US 24 West was a two-lane disaster from CENTRAL Huntington County on west.The carnage over the years between Huntington and Wabash was at least as great as that from Fort Wayne to the Ohio line.

Mitch Harper

Indeed, it was. Driving at night from Huntington to Wabash was an edge-of-the-seat experience.

Shortly after the four-lane was completed, I drove to Logansport. It was an absolute joy to drive.

Also, U.S. 33 north from Fort Wayne to Goshen remains as dangerous as ever. State Road 37 from I-469 to the Ohio stateline is another nominee for a killer road.

Steven Schindler, P.E.

US 24 should have been upgraded to a freeway at least 20 years ago- after the Fort to Port is completed it will become the preferred route for trucks between Detroit and Indianapolis. Ohio spent all their money building four lane expressways/freeways in southern Ohio instead of northern Ohio all these years.

Fred Gilbert

I am a long-time Republican who is supporting Obama...pushing like he's one of MY family. I have talked to many of the R folk and many have moved that way too. I have seen his rise in Illinois, and was sold on the "we" messaage he constantly expresses.

Seeing the likes of Carl Rove and Tom Delay carousing at the convention sickened me as well as McCain's failure to repudiate "Rove "tactics of division, especially with the presence of McCain's adopted daugat the convention. This is no change. Finally, he tops even Rove with the Palin choice...a true diversion and "barking cat" (to paraphrase an NPR commentator on an exceptionally aggressive

The change needed in Washington must be deep and a total purge and only Barack can deliver. The very future of our way of life is at stake.

Fred Gilbert

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