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I really feel sorry for the reporters at these 12 papers. There are a lot of talented people who have no idea what the future holds for them and that sucks. Lets just hope the new owner(s) of The News-Sentinel recognize the talent that is there and brings in more people to make it a competitive publication. Only time will tell.

I'm surprised the J-G isn't popping corks, but perhaps it would be unseemly to be celebrating the likely demise of the N-S. I can't see any newspaper company willing to pay money for the junior partner in a JOA, one which is locked into the afternoon slot. A couple months ago, Scripps Howard closed their Birmingham, Ala. newspaper that was in a similar situation. (and which had dwindled to a paid circulation of about 10,000, while the morning Newhouse paper had somewhere in the neighborhood of 175,000, IIRC).

Mitch Harper, Editor

Ed. note: Knight Ridder is the majority partner in the Fort Wayne Newspapers JOA.

The Fort Wayne JOA was created in 1950.

From a Knight Ridder news release:
May 5, 2003
Knight Ridder Signs Amendment Extending JOA in Fort Wayne
Knight Ridder today announced it and the Journal Gazette Company have signed an amendment to extend their joint operating agreement in Fort Wayne, Ind., to the year 2050. Under the amended contract, Knight Ridder, owner of The News-Sentinel, will increase its share of the agency from 55% to 75%, while the Journal Gazette Company, owner of The Journal Gazette, will have a 25% share. The joint operating agreement governs the partnership and operation of Ft. Wayne Newspapers, the agency that handles advertising sales, printing, distribution and administration of the two dailies.

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