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iIndiana Pundit

I concur with Mitch.

I have to disagree here Mitch. Billboards should only be a luxury expense. If a campaign has a "spare $10,000" laying around, sure, throw up a billboard. Let me know when you find a campaign with a spare $10,000. The only exception I see here is if a donor requests earmarking of their donation specifically for use in billboard promotion (as in the case of Bill Brown). Even though billboards are comparitively inexpensive in Indiana, billboard campaigns often cost as much, if not more, than one or two rounds of direct mail - a medium proven to be drastically more effective at mobilizing voters.

The same goes for full-color ads, etc. With all due respect to Marla (she won), full color yard signs are an awful waste of money. Drivers don't have time to focus on a photo - much less a full color one. And more to the point, photos aren't on the ballot, so the average voter isn't even going to need to know what she looks like anyway.

Effective campaign dollars are spent on direct mail, phonebanks, research, and strategic consulting. End of story.

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