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Andrew Kaduk

I'm glad SOMEBODY else said Jon Boscia!!! Sheesh.

MTR (FTM) Rupert

"I'll write the book- "100 people that are screwing up Allen County (And Mitch Harper is #37)""

For the record, the first post, by "FTM" is not me... some other FTM. :-)

SouthSide Curmudgeon

The 100 WORST.....man...ONLY 100?????

Lemme see...

Most of my "neighbors" (that's about 30 right there)
City Council
County Council
Tory Richardson (Thanks for all those LOW flying planes due to a non-functional LOCALIZER on runway 2-3 that has NOT been fixed in over 4 years)!
Rayford Wilkins (don't ask)
Verizon (for only allowing TWELVE stinking call blocks when I've gotten over 350 "wrong numbers").
Did I mention most of my neighbors?
David Roach
Tom Ostrognai (although he does have a lucid moment every 2-3 years)
Ft. Wayne Chamber of Commerce
The D.I.D. "gang"
ALL the idiots that drink and drive (another several hundread at least)
Paul Helmke (thanks for getting us INTO this situation)
EVERY SINGLE perp in the Allen County lockup AND their families!
Whoever keeps accepting me for jury duty (when I fill out the questionnaire and TELL THEM I object to the current judicial system)
Oh...and lastly...most of my "neighbors" (the ones I have to wave my gun at to get them to stop fighting on MY property at 2AM).

Geez...SO many people...so little a list...ROFLMAO!


Kristina Frazier-Henry

This looks like a list that needs resurrected!

brian stouder

Well, I'm not happy with the folks at the Lincoln Foundation who decided to spike the Fort Wayne Lincoln Museum. We'll forgive the empty-suited spokeswoman who babbled nonsense and double-speak when the announcement was made. If they want high visitor counts, they could move the museum to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, and rack in 500,000 visitors a year.

This would make at least as much (if not a great deal more) than dumping the collection into the Library of Congress or the Smithsonian, there to be lost amongst everything else.

And one is struck by how quickly things fell apart after the Richard administration ended. It almost appears that his people were just struggling to hold everything together until his term ended, and then BOOM! Huge budgetary shortfall!! Big tax increases and service cuts looming!! Big City Utilities rate hike. Sweetheart contracts signed and paid in December!! Worrisome Harrison Square rumblings and portents.

And in the media, with the sudden and mysterious end of Queen Diane's reign over at WOWO, Pat has become a much harsher, strident and close-minded observer of Fort Wayne. He sounds like nothing so much as an embittered old man, these days.

On the bright side, though, FWOb has become a much more reliable, upbeat, and informative source of Fort Wayne sensibilities

Mike Harvey

The owner(s) of specifically the Showgirl enterprise in Fort Wayne are definitely not a credit to Fort Wayne...

Rob Grayless

What happened to Queen Diane?

Robert E Pence

I nominate most of the complainers and whiners who posted above.

Do something constructive with your time and imagination, instead of putting so much effort into blaming other people for what's wrong.

Robert Enders

I try to criticize the policy and not the policy maker. And I consider criticizing bad policy to be a constructive use of my time and imagination.

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