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Let's hire the guy. We can get fellow Bloggers to donate some money and have him as a roving Reporter/Blogger for FWOb. Then we'll have our own man on-the-street. :)

I'll throw in $25 a week.

Andrew Kaduk

Absolutely! Give him a digital cam, a flask of cheap bourbon, a pack of Lucky Strikes and pimpin' brown fedora and set him loose on the world looking for tales of the bizarre and ridiculous...I love the idea. I'M IN!!!

Jon Swerens

The News-Sentinel does have one intern from the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund this year, just as we planned. The problem is, the folks at the DJNF for some reason thought we wanted three.

We at The N-S found out very early on about the mistake -- it might have been caused by an error in our paperwork -- and we notified the DJNF that we, as usual, were asking for only one intern. This notification happened long before the selection of the internship winners.

So, The News-Sentinel did not "yank" the internship. The internship was erroneously sent to us because of a paperwork error that was never corrected by DJNF.

Andrew Kaduk

It doesn't seem as if this is any consolation to Jason...

Mark T-K

(Full disclosure up front: I worked at the N-S a long time ago.)

Internships are a really tough business. And "having to intern in a totally separate part of the country" is often part of the game. It sounds from his own blog like Jason will land on his feet. Jon Swerens explained the situation, and paperwork problems like this do happen in the industry. FWIW, I once drove 150 miles in a near-snowstorm to an interview for an internship, only to be told during the interview that I didn't qualify because I was in the wrong year in college, and nobody there had noticed it; because I had applied via a letter (not to a specific internship program), I hadn't actually seen the rules governing the internship in question. The HR person apologized profusely for having told me to come in and setting up the interview, but that didn't change the rules. Was I angry? Sure. Would I have slammed that publication by name in a blog? No way. I believe Jon, who's a straight-shooter.

Jon Swerens


True, not much consolation for Jason. Please don't take my previous post as uncaring to Jason's plight. But as Mark says, he still has an internship ... just not in Fort Wayne.

BTW, I once intereviwed for a job that I was really hot on, and I thought the interviewees were quite interested in me. Then I found out I didn't get the job ... by seeing an update on the company website with someone else's photo over the job title. Ouch.


While commenting on this is the very definition of procrastination on a Monday morning, a couple things:

First, the kid didn't "slam" the paper; he said he was disappointed. Which is natural. The implication was that Joe Grimm slammed the paper. Which is puzzling. I can certainly see him waving off a bright young person from taking a permanent position there, given the crisis atmosphere at the N-S, but an intern? If the paper lasts until August, the kid gets his money's worth out of the place. (And really, you could make the argument that spending time at an actively dying paper is a unique learning experience, one he wouldn't get in a place like Indianapolis.)

Second, if he really thinks he's one of a magical 13 to get a DJNF internship, he maybe has a teensy problem with his reporting skills. There are dozens of DJNF positions around the country in any given summer.

OK, back to work.

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