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Good for her...she clearly made the best out of a not-so-pleasant experience. Waiting in line at the DMV is nothing new, but FOUR hours?!? That's a little excessive. Who wants to take a half day off of work just to go down there?


Thanks Mitch! Hope my next experience won't be as eventful...perhaps I will remember to bring a book, a friend, or a small set of travel games to share with everyone! haha!

Andrew Kaduk

I'm excited about the possibility of a 4 hour wait when I get my new license...it will give me a chance to order a pizza (and have it delivered to the bureau, of course).

Mrs. Schoegler

My husband recently had this experience each of four different days he went to renew his license. The answer: go to the New Haven branch. He was in and out in 40 minutes.

John McGauley

I never go anywhere but the New Haven branch. They are fast, organized and courteous. When there in July to renew plates, and to change my registration and driver's license (I had moved). We were out in an hour.


Lets hope they dont go through another round of BMV closings.

Tim in Flyover Country

The BMV story is nice, but is this blog going to go back to being a Fort Wayne Media Watch blog, or are those days gone? And what was with Lee Kelso and Victor Locke coming back? What's next? The return of Engineer John?


I thought the same Tim. I'm not into politics. That isn't what I came to read FWOb for.

TVictor Locke was a "Guest" anchor and not sure what the deal was on Lee Kelso. Apparently "Guest Anchors" are in the "in" thing now over there ;).

If you want my opinion after watching it over the past couple of weeks, I'd hope for a Victor Locke-Type co-anchor than a Lee Kelso-Type.

Tim in Flyover Country

Well the whole WISE/WPTA merger thing was handled with the grace of a bull in a china shop. If the people in Fort Wayne would be able to watch the news on WTHR or WISH in Indianapolis for a couple of weeks, they would realize what they've been fed as local news for by WISE and WPTA is crap.

Tim in Flyover Country

and by the way, i do like Politics and I do read Indiana Parley, but it's hard to tell where Fort Wayne Observed ends and Indiana Parley begins anymore. Nathan, where are you?

John Good

I attempted to use the self-service kiosks (Yes, I'm a procrastinator) Sunday ,at Southgate, and today, at New Haven. Both were OUT OF SERVICE. .Guess I'll be in a long line at New Haven tomorrow evening.


I spent about 2 1/2 hours at the Pine Valley BMV waiting to renew my driver's license a couple weeks ago. I think part of the problem was there were just too many people. As branches in Churubusco and other places have closed, there are fewer options. I was amazed at how well the BMV staff handled the huge load of people, some of whom got pretty grouchy. I wouldn't want to be under that kind of pressure.

Andrew Kaduk

I'm sure the BMV workers didn't want to be under that kind of pressure either when they signed up for a Government job!

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