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Is "juxtapositioned" some sort of queer, Canadian word? I think you mean "juxtaposed." Hmmm, well, at least Left of Centrist has "problems with language usage" in common with el Presidente! ha ha

The Word Police

Check your dictionary, Barry.

juxtapose: place or deal with close together for contrasting effect
DERIVATIVES: juxtaposition

Good thing you asked, huh?

Robert Rouse

After Barry busted me for using the word "juxtapositioned", I had to find out what the problem was. To begin, I consulted an on-line dictionary and discovered the word was not listed (however, there were several other common words that end in the ed suffix that also were not included). The next step was a search for the word with results only from sites with an ".edu" domain - http://tinyurl.com/cdztn . So even if the word isn't real, it is certainly used a lot by academia. Oh well, if I'm wrong, at least I'm in good company. But next time I'll use "juxtaposed" so Barry doesn't develop an aneurysm.

The Word Police

First of all, who cares? Juxtaposition, juxtapositioned...we all know what you meant, and isn't that the purpose of language?

10 years ago "blog" wasn't a word. It is today.

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