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I think I can explain.

Doug LeDuc who wrote as the Business Reporter for 17 years at N-S left and went to Fort Wayne Business Journal (KPC Media Group).

He was good.. I had the pleasure of dealing with him many times over the years - The NS has some big shoes to fill.

Abby Normal

In a side note. Did anyone else notice the lack of local letters to the editor yesterday? Except for a man in Busco and a group of women discussing their derriere there were no local commentor. Has the Journal finally alienated its local base to the point they no longer respond on hot topics? Or is this another example of how far the Journal needs to go to print their own opinions.

Tim in Flyover Country

Wow! A media story in Fort Wayne Observed!

Andrew Kaduk

I don't know what site you've been looking at but I just counted TWELVE stories on this page (since Mitch took the wheel) that DIRECTLY discuss "the media" local and abroad, none of which are anything more than footnoted with political marginalia. Have you actually been paying attention??? I was lucky enough to start blogging about a week prior to Nathan pulling the plug, and I see only about 20% more politics on here currently than before the Poobah-Hat switched heads. Nathan himself in his letter to the Blogohood stated that he had changed the name to Fort Wayne Observed specifically because the focus of the site had evolved enough that "Fort Wayne Media Notes" was no longer appropriate. But what the hell do I know, I'm new. :o)

Tim in Flyover Country

I'll go back and look. You're probably right. It just seemed that Nathan was a little more interested in what's going on the in newsroom than what's going on among the politicians. I've been reading this blog maybe 4 months. So what do I know? Maybe we can get some good Dick Defay scoop.....:)


And the News-Sentinel death spiral continues ...


We love having Doug LeDuc with us at KPC. He's a great asset. But the publication is Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly. Not to be confused with anything else.

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