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April 01, 2006


Rob Smoot

Coach Sampson is a good coach. Coach Sampson is nothing more than a whinny, habitual liar. As an FYI, Sampson has decided to release a statement trying to blame Oklahoma State University for his lying and cheating that will put OU in certain probation and possible Indiana. He has gotten himself so wrapped into his lies that it is coming back to haunt him.

Again, I emphasize he is a great coach. 25 win seasons are typical for him and I think that will continue.

The one thing I feel bad about is that Indiana will be on probation before long. Possibly immediately due to all his actions at OU (although the nation will state that since Miles Brand is at Indiana he will not let his own coach and school get probation for what he did at OU - OU will get it all). The fact is it will not be long before he gets into trouble again. Information on how he recruits have been passed along to Big 10 schools and Mr. Head of the ethics committee (Coach Sampson)is under a microscope that will expose him. May this saga be short lived for Indiana and I will cheer for them again after Sampson is gone.

To review Coach Sampson's class, please review the article on: http://newsok.com/article/1820988/?template=sports/main

Remember this is from an entirely OU based media. The fact is his actions were turned in by many coaches in the Big 12 including former Indiana coach, Bobby Knight and former Kansas coach Roy Williams just to name a couple quickly. It is too bad, you don't have a coach that can teach young men to be more than basketball players and I look forward to Indiana's return to greatness after Sampson.

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