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Jim Howard

$5/gallon gas creates a positive business environment for alternative energies. Just sayin....

John Bloom

There is no viable alternative to oil and coal any time in the future.All else is feel good .With the new technology avalible for extracting oil the US has larger reserves than Saudi Arabia.It is time to drill and build new refiners.And get the EPA out of the way.

Jim Howard

True John but the party in Charge doesn't seem to believe that. I am quite convinced they believe that alternatives will spring forth on the heels of $5/gallon gas--magically. Coal has been regulated out of business in the United States. We are left with nothing in that sector of energy. Oil is being denied basic growth (keystone pipeline, shale oil development, refineries). The EPA stands squarely in the middle of the road and states "my way" and no highway for you. Oil is the enemy unless it is coming from Iran in which case everything is negotiable because we can stop the use of nuclear weapons through negotiation--don't ya know.

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