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Robert E Pence

Maybe if they had shared the cookies ...

Andy Borgmann

When I was 16, my first job when was in the county's clerk office. We did some crazy stuff, had some fun times, but I can say this is about the funniest thing I have heard. I wish I would have been there.

Not sure I think they should have been fired. They just should have had to reimburse the county.


Maybe they should read the rules of there jobs at the court house. I am currently preparing for a jury selection, for a case that should have been dismissed from the very beggining. And if they followed their own rules they would have thrown this case out of court with out a second thought.
But as we all know. Even if you are following the laws they will try to trump something up to get our money.
Traffic laws are not common law. They are a maritime laws. Of wich they have no right to use against us. We are supposed to be judged on the common law,according to article 1 section 8 clause 17 of the constitution. They can only try you in a maritime venue if you have an international contract in dispute. Did anybody ever mention to you that you were signing a contract when you signed for you liscence? No they didn't. According to contract law. That makes the contract null and void. Both parties must have full disclosure for the contract to be valid and binding.
My case involves a 49cc vehicle which is considered a moped by the indiana bmv. The officers have written a citation for driving while suspended. Even though I quoted the law to them, which they already knew. But according to the fort wayne police department policy they say that it's a motorcycle if it goes over 25mph. Unfortunately for the officers they fail to realize that policy is NOT LAW.
The bmv will not and connot give out a motorcycle title for any vehicle with an engine under 50cc. And thats the law.
After filing a motion to dismiss. With a ccs(cronilogical case summary) from a 2006 case involving the same vehicle make and model. A document obtained from the bmv, and the bmv's own web page, which were all entered into the record of my case as evidence. Judge Marcia Linky called these documents hear say. And denied my motion to dismiss.
Since she did have the law laying right in front of her on her desk. And ignored the law, which is the same for all the judges and prosecutors that have dealt with this case. THEY HAVE BROKEN THE LAW BY IGNORING THE LAW.
Moer to come.

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