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Craig Ladwig

This administration is going to need first-rate public relations help, and it looks like it has some. The rest of us, however, will need to keep our eyes on the facts and data (if we can get our hands on any).

MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr.


I dont normally send comments to your blog but with all the budget shortfalls does this position really still need filled? Seriously, they already have two PIOs do they really need a third? This position or one of the others should have been/should be removed from the budget in my honest opinion.

Just sharing my thoughts,


Kristina Frazier-Henry

Remember, I've been out of the "who's the coolest kid on the Fort Wayne" block for over a decade....

Okay...is this coincidental...or is the Asher Agency like the "IT" place - kind of like what WPTA was in the 70's/80's?

Just wondering...it's not a criticism, just an observation. Asher seems to pop up in the middle of many heated (ahem) areas.

P.S. Someone might want to tell them that their new website is being indexed in google in a way that would probably not please them.


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