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John Smith

FORT WAYNE JUDGE CHARGED WITH D.W.I. IRONICALLY!!! Judge Felts of Allen County was charged with D.W.I., Friday July 18, 2008 in Indianapolis. This is the same judge that sentences hundreds of D.U.I. offenders to AADP's poisonous chemical boot camp for a duration of 3 to 5 1/2 years. Judge Felts has portrayed on the bench, by sending all these people to AADP, that these offenders are nothing but criminals breaking the law. Now with this new information, his arrest sheds a different light on the whole subject. If it is truly this easy to get a D.U.I. are all the people on antabuse just victims of circumstance? Get rid of Felts, close AADP and pay damages to all negatively effected by Allen County's shameless poisoning of thousands of citizens.

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