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Gary Martin

Dave, really enjoyed listening to you while you were here in Fort Wayne and followed your move from wowo to wgl. I was always anxious to see what would happen as you discussed local events and your truthful point of view. You were not afraid to ask the embarassing questions to everyone deserving exposure whether good or bad. Good luck in Tennessee.

Denise Keller

I am so glad to hear that Dave is doing well. I listened to him for many years in Fort Wayne. He was very entertaining and fun to listen too. I was very upset when he left. My family ran into him several times out and about and my boys really enjoyed meeting him.

Hugh Kilgore

Hello Dave, I used to listen to you when I lived in Fort Wayne in 2000 until I moved to Indy in 2004. I really miss listening to you, I believe you had the charisma and personality to be another Shawn Hannity or Rush Limbaugh. What plans do you have for the near future? Do you think you may return to the airways any time soon? Thanks, Hugh Kilgore

Briggs Longbothum

Hello Dave! Good to hear you're alive and well. And thanks for turning me on to "Julie's Family Pizza" in Avilla when I was in the Fort in the late 90's to 2001.
I'm back on the Right coast again and try to catch the ol WOWO sound while DXing on bcb. Hope to hear your voice again soon.
-Briggs in Gloucester, Ma!

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