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Everett White

Caption time.

Nov. 14, 3007
FORT WAYNE - Archaeologists today discovered a relic of the early second millenium in the inner-city, unearthing a nearly in-tact terrestrial transport vehicle, once referred to simply by the name "car".

Dr. Kenneth Kennedy, an anthropologist from Anthony Wayne University said, "We're still unsure about the exact origins of this vehicle, but we've learned that it was called "Nissan." It's a fantastically well-preserved glimpse into the early 21st century."

Jason Blosser

Stellhorn & Wheelock has been a dangerous stretch of road with drivers on Wheelock having to gun it to get onto 37/Stellhorn.

If I heard WOWO correctly, a turn lane is soon to be built there.

Eric Fetcho


C. Edward Eckert

And the Worst Driver-of-the-Year award goes to...

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