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Nancy Nall

I think I dated Tom the Bomb once. It was either him, or Skid Mark. Memory's unclear.

brian stouder

Leaving aside Nance's mis-spent youth, I have a question for the house:

I have seen men driving motorcycles, and women driving motorcylces, and men driving motorcycles with women hanging onto them....but I have never seen a woman driving a motorcycle with a man hanging onto HER.

Has anyone ever seen this?

Jodi Dean

I believe the residents of the Nebraska neighborhood will be encouraged to hear this outcome. Knowing that many motorcycle gang members are visibly present at their Main Street clubhouse, it very much gives a terrible image, to the downtrodden area. The arrest of several of these members will hopefully create a synergy in which the group ceases operations. It is with such hope that their void, can create a boom for legitimate business on Main Street.

Bob Gaul

Busting up a violent motorcycle gang...

Now THAT...is entertainment!


Dave White

Brian, I saw this the other day, first time I ever remember seeing it, on State Route 38 by New Castle, IN. It leaped right out at me because it was so different looking.

Barbara Cane

I lived with Wild Bill South Florida for 18 years and I consider all of the Outlaws one big family who took care of their own All this nonesense of all the great men you have in prison who are inncent on all accounts especially Clarence Micheal Smith who spend 11 1/2 years on death row for I crime he didn't commit and then had everything wverturned in appeals and the the STate comes in and gets hii for other bogus charges Double Jearpody..... He is one of many that sounld't not be in there for the are the best family anywone could ask for.........


would like everyone to know that ,I have know (Smitty)for many years.Close to forty years.And I have always belived he was innocent.He was caught up in something,that was unproved.He has already served a life sentence in Vietnam.So how about letting him enjoy his children and grandchildren.And what is left of his hard life.From two old sisters.Just want to know where you are? And if you are o.k.

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