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Alex Jokay

The Fort Wayne area is also home to Eero Saarinen's only known residential commission -- the Wermuth House on Cedar Creek, now owned by Dr. Paul Gentile. (Wermuth was the guy whose construction company did the concrete work on the Concordia campus.) The house is an excellent example of the International Style and was built in the 1941.

You can get a peek at: http://mssa.library.yale.edu/madid/showzoom.php?imgNum=10212

Mitch Harper

Interiors of the Wermuth house may also be seen in the 1949 LOOK Magazine feature on Fort Wayne entitled "America's Happiest Town."

Brian Collins

I've always loved the geometry of the buildings. The angle of the chapel roof is the same as the dormitory and classroom buildings turned 90 degrees. If memory serves the bricks are custom-made diamonds with the same angles. My mother grew up on the old Concordia College (now Indiana Tech) campus.

Brian Stouder

And there is a Frank Lloyd Wright house, off of Ardmore - in southwest Fort Wayne.

At the risk of sounding like a philistine and/or a rube - leaving aside the cachet of a particular designer's name - I simply don't care for much for the examples shown.

Some of the prettiest homes in Fort Wayne (imo) are on Wayne Street, or on Lake, or off of Westover, or off of Portage.

Ed. note: Many of those homes to which you are referring were designed by extraordinary Fort Wayne architects. There is a range of outstanding architecture in Fort Wayne. One is not a philistine or rube if one appreciates other great examples of different styles from different architects and eras.

Keith Maddox

The Wermuth House is not Eero Saarinen's only residential commission. One of the most significant mid-century modern homes is one he designed for J. Irwin Miller, past CEO of Cummins Inc., in Columbus, Indiana. It was built in 1957. He also designed the family's vacation home in Canada before that. I believe Eero only did about a half dozen private homes though. I would recommend a visit to Columbus, IN. I'm a volunteer tour guide for the city and if you enjoy modern architecture this is a great place to visit. We have been ranked 6th in the country for architecture by the American Institute of Architects. We have buildings by both Eero and Eliel Saarinen, Harry Weese, I.M. Pei, Robert Venturi, Kevin Roche, Paul Kennon, Caesar Pelli, Perkins & Will, etc. The Visitors Center website is http:/columbus.in.us for more info.

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